Galaxy S3 smart stay

Samsung amazed its customers last year with the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S3. One of the new features introduced with the S3 was “Smart Stay”. If Smart Stay is on, the phone will know whether to shut the screen off or not based on your eyes being open or closed. While Smart Stay is a handy feature, Samsung isn’t stopping there.
A newly filed trademark confirms that Samsung is working on new features called “Eye Pause” and “Eye Scroll.” There is no official confirmation as to what these features will do. Presumably, Eye Pause will pause a video when you look away from the screen. This would be easy for Samsung to bring in as a feature. Most of the technology is already there with Smart Stay.
Eye Scroll is difficult to interpret. It could mean a bunch of different things. The most obvious of these things is that it will allow you to scroll through websites or apps by looking at the bottom of the page. It would also be assumed that it would have more functionality than just looking at the bottom of the page. For instance, looking to the right of the page would allow you to scroll right.
“When will we see this technology in our smartphones?” will be a popular question. That is still up in the air. As SamMobilereports, we see a new version of Samsung’s TouchWiz UI every year. Smart Stay was introduced with the Galaxy S3. It wouldn’t be a far-fetched idea to assume that these features would launch with the Galaxy S4 this year or even the Note 3 later in the year.

Eye tracking technology is nothing new

Eye tracking technology has been under development for years now. While we’ve seen a lot of prototypes of these developments, we have not seen much of anything that is reliable. A lot of this technology will no doubt be ready for consumers hands in one to three years though.
Just like touch screens, it’s only a matter of time before eye tracking becomes fully integrated into our lives. Samsung’s move to add Eye Scroll and Eye Pause into their devices is no surprise. It will definitely be an awesome feature to take advantage of though.

Android Pattern unlock in one of the best feature to lock your android device. But what happens if you somehow forget that pattern. So how to unlock you device without using unlock pattern. Now we can share, unlock it with following some simple step. Today here we will guide how you can unlock your Android if you forgot the unlock pattern of your android smartphone. Followthe step below to unlock your device.

How to Unlock Android Pattern with Google Account Username & password
If pattern was wrong 5 times and then it locked, now you can see the new option next to emergency call on your lock screen Forgot Pattern.
  • Click on the Forgot Pattern option on your device.
  • Now the new screen will displays where you have to enter Google account ID and password to unlock the pattern of your mobile.


  • Now enter you Google login and password details to unlock your device from Pattern unlock. Even if Data connection or Wi-Fi isn’t enabled on device, no need to worry. Just fill up the details and your mobile device will be unlocked. This happens because device stores account details offline.

How to Unlock Pattern without Google Account
Here is the other option for those users who didn’t use Google Account on Android. You can do this easily with Factory reset.

Note: with Factory reset option will delete all your settings and apps on your phone, SD card data will be preserve so worry not.

If your Phone have the physical Home button: – Power of the device, after that Press Volume UP+Home+Power button at a time until the phones logo screen is displayed. When the phone’s logo screen is displayed, release the Power button but continue holding the Volume + home button until the Android System Recovery menu is displayed.

Phone Without Physical Home button :- Power off the device, press and hold the Volume Up, Volume Down and Power buttons together until the green Android icon pops-up on the screen.

With this way you can enter in to the recovery mode of your android device. Now select the wipe data/factory reset option. Moving the selection up and down is done with the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons. Once you have the wipe data/factory reset option highlighted, you select it by touching the Home button or Power Button (Depend on the device).


This process will take some time after that select reboot system now. That’s it now you done. You phone will now reboot back into normal mode.

Official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean finally released to Samsung Galaxy S Advance recently as we also provided the complete guide to manually update to 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. In order to more customize your device with improved performance, you may need to root the phone to improvement full access to system file. If you are just unsatisfied with stock user interface, you can always install custom rom with tremendous of UI whether from Samsung or others brand. To do so, custom recovery like ClockWorkMod must be first installed in your phone.


Read the following instructions carefully while how to install CWM Recovery for the Samsung galaxy S Advance I9070. Please note that each and every step mentioned in this article is important.

Disclaimer: The procedure given in this tutorial is considered as risky and may cause damage to your phone. It is recommended that you should not follow it unless you are familiar with these things. Follow this guide completely at your own risk.
I. Before You Begin:
1. The following procedure works for Samsung Galaxy S Advance GT-I9070 Smart phone.
2. Make sure your device have at least 80% battery power.
3. Make sure USB Debugging is enabled.

II. Downloading Required Files:
  1. CWM (, 1.51MB)
  2. CWM (, 1.82MB)
III. Install CWM Recovery for the Samsung Galaxy S Advanced I9070:
  1. Connect Galaxy S Advance GT-I9070 to PC with micro USB cable.
  2. Copy the downloaded and into root of internal SD storage in Galaxy S Advance GT-I9070.
  3. Once the transfer completed, disconnect USB from computer and turn off your device.
  4. Now, press and hold Volume Up, Home and Power buttons to enter Stock Recovery Mode.
  5. Navigate with your Volume up and down button and select apply update from external storage.
  6. Locate the in the internal SD storage.
  7. Press the Power button to confirm.
  8. While the program is running, keep pressing the home button and touch the screen till CWM appears.
  9. From the main menu in Recovery, select the install zip from sdcard, then select choose zip from internal sdcard, browse to folder location and select the and click Yes to install.
  10. Once the flashing is complete, your Galaxy S Advance shall have ClockWorkMod installed.

I’ll share to you  a custom ROM named Cyanogen Mod 9  for Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 based on Cyanogen Mod 9. This ROM made by Wayland_ACE .
Don’t use  this ROM in other device,  because this ROM only for Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 , or your device will be bricked.

Do With Your Own Risk.

Please read this post until done, before you do something to your phone.

What's working:
  • GPS
  • Camera
  • Playstore
  • Gmail
  • WiFi
  • Mobile Data
  • Audio
  • HW Acceleration
  • Touch (multitouch)
  • Sensors
  • USB Mass Storage
  • Telephony
  • Bluetooth
  • Video recording      
  • Audio routing issue: in some cases audio routes to handset instead of headset
  • Secure WiFi AP
  • Compass

17.02.2013 Beta7:
  • Android 4.2.2
  • CM sources update
21.01.2013 Beta6:
  • All proprietaries libs are updated to latest stock ROM versions
  • Audio HAL libs updated
  • Camera HAL lib updated (Better preview handling)
  • Offline charging fix
  • Gmail app removed (can be installed from marked)
  • BLN support disabled by default, can be enabled by BLN Controll app.
  • some kernel updates and improvements
  • kernel: deprecated compcache removed, new zram is added
  • default wifi sleep policy changed to never (you can choose it in wi-fi settings)
  • triple buffering disabled now
  • GPS updates: HAL is builded from sources, updated gps.conf, faster GPS lock
  • CM & androidarmv6 latest sources
  • Other changes
06.01.2013 Beta5:
  • Applications added: Google Talk, chrome bookmarks sync, Setup wizard
  • OMX libs fixed: Youtube controls bug fixed, camera crash fixed, camcoder works in HW mode
  • Source based liblight with BLN support, BLN enabled by default
  • Superuser settings crash fixed
  • Surface dithering disabled by default for more perfomance
  • Added lagloose's force repeat ringtone hack
  • Other fixes
  • Latest CM and androidarmv6 sources

31.12.2012 Beta4:
  • Wifi enhancements: signal indicator is working, faster connecting to AP, tethering (unstable)
  • Network location fix (A-GPS is working now)
  • Lockscreen improvement: date is too visible
  • UI improvements (again little speedup)
  • Some OMX libs improvements
  • CM and androidarmv6 sources updates

28.12.2012 Beta3:
  • Gallery issue is fixed (Thanks CM team)
  • Lockscreen issue with cutted clocks is fixed
  • GPS improved
  • Added LiveWallpapers picker, so u can install any livewallpaper if u want
  • ALL locales and languages support
  • init.d script is working now
  • UI responsibility is improved
  • CM sources updated

24.12.2012 Beta2:
  • Added language locales: en_GB fr_FR it_IT de_DE es_ES ru_RU
  • Added predefined APN list (for mobile data)
  • Added back ThemeChooser
  • Google search box disabled by default, can be enabled in Settings
  • CM sources updated

23.12.2012 Beta1:
  • native USB tethering fixed
  • bluetooth fixed
  • CM sources update
  • Backported USB gadget stuff from kernel 3.0 (USB functions do not use legacy stuff anymore)
  • Video recording
  • Quick search box added
  • Other changes
Note: ADB must be enabled in development settings

19.12.2012 Alpha5:
  • Camera preview & taking pictures is working
  • Removed second camera app (LegacyCamera is not used anymore)
  • Updated CM sources.
18.12.2012 Alpha4:
  • wifi fixed, switched to wpa_supplicant version 0.8
  • mobile data is working
  • keyboard size is fixed
  • keyboard new swipe ability does not cause crash anymore
  • updated cm sources
  • Torch application is added
  • Readded developer options is settings.
29.11.2012 Alpha3:
  • USB mass storage is fixed
  • new hw QCOM modules
  • Telephony fixed
  • Better stability
  • Android 4.2.1

26.11.2012 Alpha2:
  • new notification bar buttons fixed
  • added CM10 bootanimation instead of CM9 animation
  • audio playback fixed (missing media_codecs.xml) was added
  • added lockscreen
  • Hardware "Home" button is fixed

26.11.2012 Alpha1:
  • Initial version (very unstable)