Project Silk [Version 1] by PulseDroid

●► Welcome to Project Silk for the Galaxy Ace.

This is a script / Mod package that enhances various features of the Galaxy Ace, such as RAM, GPS, Display and many more.

Please don't use this script package with any other script, unless you are completely sure it would work. It could cause a bootloop. Always backup.

I tested and It does work with the following

SlaidyBoost V2.3
Adrenaline™ Task Manager
Amarullz Script Thanks to aniket_dust For confirming.
Modded services.jar

●► What's included in this package

Seeder entropy generator to provide significant lag reduction. (Phone is about x3 Faster)
v6 super charger script
ThunderBolt script
Adrenaline Engine
Adrenaline Boost (Need to Activate in Terminal) Not working at the moment.
VM Tweaks
SD card tweak
cache cleared at every boot
Forced GPU rendering, and disabled CPU rendering (Improves system overall speed and graphics.)
Zram script
loopy smoothness tweak
darky zipaling
Battery tweaks ( Battery lasts about 2 Hours longer.)
ext4 smart mounting ( Roms that use ext4 will run much smoother.)
Reduced /dbdata, /data, /sdcard usage of *.db files and faster database access
Increased touchscreen sensitivity ( Not too much, just enough to improve the touchscreen.)
Internet speed tweaks (Better DNS Servers.)
A lot of Build.Prob tweaks
Disabled logger (Faster boot time, Not great for developers tough)
I/O scheduler tweaks (Faster SD card.)

●► How to install

Reboot to Recovery
Mount /System and /Data (Won't work if you don't do this)
Flash Script

●► Download

◄●Download V1.0●►
 ●► Changelog

V1.0 - Initial Release
●► Working on

Tested on CM7.
Tested on Stock.

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