CyanogenMod 10.1 (Android 4.2.2) [Beta 7] by Wayland_ACE [androidarmv6 Project]

I’ll share to you  a custom ROM named Cyanogen Mod 9  for Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 based on Cyanogen Mod 9. This ROM made by Wayland_ACE .
Don’t use  this ROM in other device,  because this ROM only for Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 , or your device will be bricked.

Do With Your Own Risk.

Please read this post until done, before you do something to your phone.

What's working:
  • GPS
  • Camera
  • Playstore
  • Gmail
  • WiFi
  • Mobile Data
  • Audio
  • HW Acceleration
  • Touch (multitouch)
  • Sensors
  • USB Mass Storage
  • Telephony
  • Bluetooth
  • Video recording      
  • Audio routing issue: in some cases audio routes to handset instead of headset
  • Secure WiFi AP
  • Compass
17.02.2013 Beta7:
  • Android 4.2.2
  • CM sources update
21.01.2013 Beta6:
  • All proprietaries libs are updated to latest stock ROM versions
  • Audio HAL libs updated
  • Camera HAL lib updated (Better preview handling)
  • Offline charging fix
  • Gmail app removed (can be installed from marked)
  • BLN support disabled by default, can be enabled by BLN Controll app.
  • some kernel updates and improvements
  • kernel: deprecated compcache removed, new zram is added
  • default wifi sleep policy changed to never (you can choose it in wi-fi settings)
  • triple buffering disabled now
  • GPS updates: HAL is builded from sources, updated gps.conf, faster GPS lock
  • CM & androidarmv6 latest sources
  • Other changes
06.01.2013 Beta5:
  • Applications added: Google Talk, chrome bookmarks sync, Setup wizard
  • OMX libs fixed: Youtube controls bug fixed, camera crash fixed, camcoder works in HW mode
  • Source based liblight with BLN support, BLN enabled by default
  • Superuser settings crash fixed
  • Surface dithering disabled by default for more perfomance
  • Added lagloose's force repeat ringtone hack
  • Other fixes
  • Latest CM and androidarmv6 sources

31.12.2012 Beta4:
  • Wifi enhancements: signal indicator is working, faster connecting to AP, tethering (unstable)
  • Network location fix (A-GPS is working now)
  • Lockscreen improvement: date is too visible
  • UI improvements (again little speedup)
  • Some OMX libs improvements
  • CM and androidarmv6 sources updates

28.12.2012 Beta3:
  • Gallery issue is fixed (Thanks CM team)
  • Lockscreen issue with cutted clocks is fixed
  • GPS improved
  • Added LiveWallpapers picker, so u can install any livewallpaper if u want
  • ALL locales and languages support
  • init.d script is working now
  • UI responsibility is improved
  • CM sources updated

24.12.2012 Beta2:
  • Added language locales: en_GB fr_FR it_IT de_DE es_ES ru_RU
  • Added predefined APN list (for mobile data)
  • Added back ThemeChooser
  • Google search box disabled by default, can be enabled in Settings
  • CM sources updated

23.12.2012 Beta1:
  • native USB tethering fixed
  • bluetooth fixed
  • CM sources update
  • Backported USB gadget stuff from kernel 3.0 (USB functions do not use legacy stuff anymore)
  • Video recording
  • Quick search box added
  • Other changes
Note: ADB must be enabled in development settings

19.12.2012 Alpha5:
  • Camera preview & taking pictures is working
  • Removed second camera app (LegacyCamera is not used anymore)
  • Updated CM sources.
18.12.2012 Alpha4:
  • wifi fixed, switched to wpa_supplicant version 0.8
  • mobile data is working
  • keyboard size is fixed
  • keyboard new swipe ability does not cause crash anymore
  • updated cm sources
  • Torch application is added
  • Readded developer options is settings.
29.11.2012 Alpha3:
  • USB mass storage is fixed
  • new hw QCOM modules
  • Telephony fixed
  • Better stability
  • Android 4.2.1

26.11.2012 Alpha2:
  • new notification bar buttons fixed
  • added CM10 bootanimation instead of CM9 animation
  • audio playback fixed (missing media_codecs.xml) was added
  • added lockscreen
  • Hardware "Home" button is fixed

26.11.2012 Alpha1:
  • Initial version (very unstable)


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