The 1st Pictures Taken By The Galaxy Note 8.0

Note 8
The leaks for the Galaxy Note 8.0 don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Recently, some photos of the Note 8 itself were leaked. It showed that it would come with S Pen, and how it would look compared to the Galaxy Note 2. Now, some photos have been leaked that may have been taken by the Note 8.
The photos, one of which is above, the other can be found here. So far, the rumors seem to believe the resolution will be 1280 x 800, with a 1.6GHz Exynos processor, and 2GB of RAM. According to these pics, the tablet will likely have a 5MP camera.
The pictures aren’t bad, but they aren’t amazingly great either. So don’t expect to throw the old DSLR away in exchange for the Note 8. That said, for a tablet camera, it is pretty decent. As you can see from the image above, the shot is pretty clear and the colors don’t look washed out.

So are these pictures by the Note 8 real?

As App Dated notes, the pictures have all the proper EXIF data to show it’s a Note 8. It says it’s taken by a GT-N5100. However, as App Dated also points out, this data could easily be faked. So the question is, would someone go through the trouble of faking EXIF data just to say the device is a Note 8?
Our guess is probably not. Usually when people fake leaks, they’re renderings of a device or they claim to have intimate knowledge of the specifications. They don’t typically fake out Picasa’s website and claim to have photos taken by a device. So this could very well be legit. As with any leak or rumor, take it for what it’s worth.
So, if real, that means the Note 8 will have impressive specs and a decent camera. Does it make it more appealing? Let us know if you plan on getting one of these.

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